Our Firm

We are a full-service financial firm committed to helping people pursue their financial goals. We offer a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners. We believe you will be better able to identify your goals and make sound decisions through our comprehensive assesment and independent advice.

There are times when we will take a team approach to financial planning, offering you a broader scope of expertise than you will likely find in any one person. By relying on the expertise of our team, we’ll help you take a conservative approach to growing and preserving your wealth.


S. Ryan Edwards - Financial Advisor (view bio)

As a financial advisor Ryan takes great care to understand his clients’ financial objectives and creates a personalized plan to help them reach their goals. He also specializes in retirement income planning, tax reduction strategies, and small business retirement plans (401ks).


Les Stewart - Financial Advisor (view bio)

As a financial advisor Les serves families and business owners and works hard to build a comprehensive plan that helps them achieve their long term financial objectives. He also specializes in equity research, legacy planning, and keeps up to date on the regulatory environment.


Matt Starnes - Financial Advisor (view bio)

As an advisor Matt takes a laid-back approach to working with his clients to help them meet their financial needs by creating a comprehensive investment strategy. He also specializes in fixed insurance products, taxation projections, and cash flow planning.



Bob Fincher - Financial Advisor (view bio)

As an advisor Bob works closely with you to assess your current situation, identify the risks to your long term goals, and gather the information needed to develop a customized plan and implement a series of strategies that will help you to realize your vision for the future. He also specializes in broad market oversight and direction, risk management, and goals based planning software.


Jeff Prince - Fixed Insurance Specialist (view bio)

Jeff works with clients to help them solve the problems related to the many issues related to insurance. He specializes in medicare supplement, and social security planning.



Kelle Huffman  - Director of Client Services (view bio)

In addition to supporting SRP's office administrative staff, as Director of Client Services for Bob Fincher, Kelle is responsible for the overseeing their client relationships, helping to coordinate the administrative needs and services required, and communicating with clients to ensure they are comfortable with their financial plans.


Jessica Contreras  - Director of Client Services

Jessica runs the day to day operations of Southeast Retirement Planners. She provides administrative support by gathering of client information, processing of paperwork, and handling service issues for all client accounts; freeing the advisors to focus on creating financial solutions for new and existing clients. She is also responsible for the compliance records, facilitating customer communications, and  the logistics of the scheduling in our busy, growing practice. Jessica is not registered with SagePoint Financial.


Gayle BallardMarketing and Events Coordinator

Gayle plans, coordinates, and manages the extensive marketing platform for Southeast Retirement Planners. It's important that we keep our clients informed through regular newsletters and communications as well as provide informative workshops on a variety of topics for our clients and their friends. Gayle is also the point person for all of our social gatherings, client appreciation events, and our Private Client Events. Gayle is not registered with SagePoint Financial.


Cubby BiceTeacher / Consultant 

Cubby began his career with Paine Webber in 1999.  After the Paine Webber / UBS merger he moved to A.G. Edwards for two years.  He then moved to the independent side of the business where there would be no conflicts of interest between his recommendations and his parent company. Cubby has been working with families and small businesses for over 18 years. His main office is located in Mooresville and he is regularly in the Hickory area to work with many of our clients.

Sagepoint Financial, INC   phone: 704-696-1030
136 Gateway Blvd Suite C, Mooresville, NC 28117

*Securities and investment advisory services offered through SagePoint Financial, Inc., A Registered Broker Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC and a registered investment advisor. Bice Wealth Management is not affiliated with SagePoint Financial or registered as broker dealer or investment advisor.

Our Other Professional Resources

Because your financial situation is often complex, our team typically works directly with other professionals to design and implement the strategies that will help you to achieve your goals. We rely on a network of professionals who provide technical advice as required.

Some of the professionals we work with include:

  • Estate Attorneys
  • Accountants & CPAs
  • Lending Solutions
  • Life Insurance Specialists
  • Long Term Care Specialists
  • Trust Departments
  • Charitable Foundations


Please call us if you have any questions about our firm or the range of financial products and services we provide. Our firm has a relationship with a variety of financial services companies, so if we don’t have a product or service, we know a group that does.