Podcast Episodes

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What Money Lies are You Falling Into?

Ryan Edwards and Les Stewart talk about the "money lies" people can fall prey to such as "Good vs. Bad Debt".

Domestic and International Manufacturing

John Birk of ZRO Delta and US Optics sits down with host Bob Fincher and discusses lessons learned from his experiences in manufacturing.

401k Rollover

Ryan Edwards and Les Stewart discuss the ins & outs of 401k savings plans.

Do You Need Coaching?

Ryan Edwards and Bob Fincher have a conversation about coaching, the importance it has played in their lives, and how it can help you!

Heart Health, Reducing the Risks

You will often hear us say "Your health is your wealth"!  In this podcast Dr. Jeff Neal sits down with Bob Fincher to discuss heart health and ways in which you can reduce the risk of heart disease. 


Building Community within Your Company

Design Foundry's Eric Fulcher sits down with Bob Fincher to discuss how to build community within your company.

Tourism in the Hickory Metro

Mandy Pitts Hildebrand, CEO of the Hickory Metro Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, talks with Ryan about how tourism benefits the local area.


The Impact of Sports Tourism

Mark Seaman from the City of Hickory talks with Ryan Edwards about the impact of sports tourism.


The Real Estate Boom....Is it a Bubble?

Hank Eimer of Coldwell Banker Boyd & Hassell talks with Bob Fincher about the real estate bubble and more.


Making a Small Family Business Work

Bob Fincher has a discussion with Dean Cline, owner of Cline Associates, that highlights some of the unique challenges he has covercome to lead a successful small business...that's family-owned!



Ryan Edwards and Les Stewart discuss the issue of Cyber Security and what steps you can take to prevent Identity Theft.