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Building Community

Kelle is joined by Vicki Murray, CEO of Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor, a nonprofit organization located in Hickory, NC is a “Christ-centered community for women to rebuild, renew and recover.” Kelle and Vicki discuss Safe Harbor’s mission and the significant positive impact of the organization on the community.


Building and Maintaining a Growing Veterinary Practice

Bob is joined by Dr. Christine Duke, D.V.M. of Animal Hospital North in Hickory, NC to discuss the building and maintaining a growing veterinary practice.


Managing Your Wealth in 2023

Ryan and Les discuss strategies to manage your wealth in 2023.

Brian Koehl, Regional VP Corebridge Financial

Brian Koehl, regional VP at Corebridge Financial, sits down with Ryan and Les to talk about annuities.

Top 10 Secure Act 2.0 Provisions

Les and Ryan share 10 key provisions from the Secure Act 2.0. which include tax credits for companies and business owners, RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions) increased to age 73, catchup contribution increases, and other retirement plan changes which may impact your situation. 

Everick Sullivan, LRU Head Men's Basketball Coach

Ryan talks with Everick Sullivan, head men's basketball coach at Lenoir-Rhyne University, about his background and the importance of surrounding yourself with people you can trust.

Bill McBrayer, Recipient of the NC Long Leaf Pine Award

Bob Fincher and Bill McBrayer, a recent inductee into The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Society, discuss the importance of service in the community and the role of community colleges in NC.

Benjamin Bishop:  Pickleball Ambassador

Benjamin Bishop talks with Bob about the explosion in popularity of the new sport Pickleball.

Trent Cherry & Cherry Treesort 

Guest Trent Cherry talks with Bob Fincher about how he started his business Cherry Treesort and the lessons he learned along the way.

Navigating the Ups and Downs of Owning A Small Business

Bob Fincher has guest Phillip Fulbright talk about navigating the ups and downs of owning a successful small business.

Estate Planning 101

Les Stewart and Kelle Huffman discuss the basics of Estate Planning.

Back to College Finance Discussion

Les Stewart and Ryan Edwards suggest financial topics you may want to discuss with your children before they head off to college.

Gauging the Economy 

Michael Cole, CFP, CFS talks with Les about using gauges to look at the state of the economy.

Women and Financial Strategies

Les Stewart & Kelle Huffman talk about how women's relationship with family finances has changed over the years.

Bulls, Bears, Recession and Depression

Ryan Edwards & Les Stewart discuss the different types of financial markets and what to do to succeed in them.

Student of the Market

Ryan Edwards and Les Stewart discuss a presentation by Black Rock entitled that helps shed light on how to successfully financially plan.

Social Security Benefits

Ryan Edwards and Les Stewart discuss important information you should know about Social Security.

Managing Wealth in 2022

Creating Wellness

Fran Paradine talks with Bob Fincher about her experience in starting her own business...three at one time...and the lessons learned.

Life Insurance

Ryan Edwards and Les Stewart discuss the importance of life insurance and what things to consider when determining your policy needs.

Economic Review & 2022 Outlook

Ryan Edwards and Les Stewart of Southeast Retirement Planners give an economic recap of 2021 and discuss what can be expected in 2022.

Essentials of Estate Planning

Ryan Edwards talks with Susannah Brown, of Anthony and Brown, PLLC, about things to consider when beginning the estate planning process. 

Protecting Your Assets When Entering Long Term Care

Ryan Edwards talks with Susannah Brown about steps to take to  protect your assets when you enter a long-term care situation.

Medicare and Medicare Supplements

Ryan Edwards and Amanda Pierce of Power Benefits talk about the Ins and Outs of Medicare and Medicare supplements. 

Heart Health, Reducing the Risks with Dr. Jeff Neal

Dr. Jeff Neal sits down with financial planner Bob Fincher to discuss heart health and ways in which you can reduce the risk of heart disease. 

How to Make a Small Family Business Work

Bob is joined by special guest Dean Cline of Cline and Associates. Cline shares his experience with what it takes to make a small family business work.

Building Community within Your Company

Design Foundry's Eric Fulcher sits down with host Bob Fincher to discuss how to build community within your company.

Tourism in the Hickory Metro

Mandy PItts Hildebrand, CEO of the Hickory Metro Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, talks about how tourism benefits the local area. 

Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

Ryan Edwards and Les Stewart talk about the important questions you should ask when selecting a financial advisor.

Jackson Creative Group & the hum

Bob Fincher interviews Andrew Moose who talks about his work with Jackson Creative and the recently opened live music venue, the hum. 

The Impact of Sports Tourism 

Mark Seaman from the City of Hickory Parks and Recreation Department talks with Ryan about the impact of sports tourism on local economy.

The Real Estate Boom

Hank Eimer of Coldwell Banker Boyd & Hassell talks with Bob about the real estate bubble and more

Domestic & International Manufacturing

John Birk of ZRO Delta and US Optics sits down with host Bob Fincher and discusses lessons learned from his experiences in manufacturing

Money Lies Are You Falling Into

Ryan Edwards and Les Stewart talk about the "money lies" people can fall prey to such as "Good vs. Bad Debt".

401K Rollover

Ryan Edwards and Les Stewart discuss the ins & outs of 401k savings plans

Cyber Security

Ryan Edwards and Les Stewart discuss the issue of cyber security and what steps you can take to prevent identity theft.

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